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B:HIVE- still loving the buzz

Trio Communications celebrates four years at the B:HIVE@Smales Farm, Takapuna this week and we
remain as excited to be here as the day we started.

Co- working spaces have gained in popularity. But not all things are created equal. The B:HIVE was
created from new with the latest in internal environment, technology, and space flexibility in mind.
It remains exceptional.

What has COVID done to it? I have learned the B:HIVE is almost 100% full. Might it be time for a

This week there was a hum again as people came to terms with what RED means. Or was it the fact
the air con was simply perfect to keep working (no fuzzy heads) while outside the humidity and 30C+
heat were just brain sappers? People do seem to be getting into a swing of combining working from
the B:HIVE and from home.

Trio Communications would like to say thanks to the Smale Family for its generosity to the B:HIVE
community during past lockdowns.

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