Flu campaign strikes gold at 2014 TVNZ Marketing Awards

The 2013 National Influenza Immunisation Campaign struck gold in the Healthcare category at last night’s 2014 TVNZ Marketing Awards held at The Langham in Auckland.

Trio Communications’ director, Brenda Saunders, was part of the winning team on the National Influenza Specialist Group campaign. Brenda has led PR on the NISG campaign for the past 10 years. She works closely on the campaign with NISG and ad agency Insight New Zealand.

The NISG campaign is funded by the Ministry of Health to increase public awareness of influenza, its seriousness and the importance of immunisation to prevent the disease. Many New Zealanders would be familiar with the TV ads showing the falling dominoes.

The 2013 Influenza Immunisation campaign broke all previous records by around 31 percent, and saw more than 1.25 million doses of vaccine reach an estimated 30 percent of the New Zealand population.

It was vital to get a high uptake of vaccine in 2013 because health experts feared New Zealand could be hard hit by a particular form of the virus that had led to high rates of hospitalisation and death in North America.

“It’s never easy to persuade people to be vaccinated. There are lots of reasons people put it off. However, we ran a very smart and integrated campaign and worked across the health sector to engage audiences and stakeholders, and maximize the modest budget,” says Brenda.