Trio director a FaceMe hackathon judge

Trio Communications director Felicity Anderson was chuffed to be invited to be a judge for FaceMe’s first hackathon at the BHIVE @Smales Farm. Together with Nicholas Maquet of Movio (far left) and Mark Fitzgerald of FaceMe (far right) she heard several presentations from teams on how they would use creativity to bring new things to the table for FaceMe.

If you haven’t heard of FaceMe you should check it out because it’s the hottest company using ai (artificial intelligence) in New Zealand right now. The winner was Victor Yeun, head of product, who went outside

FaceMe hackathon judgimg

FaceMe’s hackathon judging panel with winner.

the square to bring some new ways of making avatars even more human to the table. And the guy in the background? That’s  Nick Sokolich, the VP of sales for FaceMe, who dialled in a photobomb!